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I was reading Matilda to the boys at bed time. Miles was chattering away and looking at something else.  That’s pretty common; getting them calmed down for bed is a challenge.  I said “Oi, I’m trying to inspire a love of reading here. Pay attention.” or something to that effect. Then I looked at what Miles was doing. He was sounding out the letters on the bookmark. m y f i r s t. With a bit of help he blended them together and figured out that it said My first bookmark. Amazing. So we spent the rest of the chapter hunting for words in the book.

It’s really exciting to see how quickly he has come on at school. My initial reaction is also a good reminder that a) learning is better child led b) maybe I should have higher expectations of him. I just wanted him to listen when he could have been reading.

Junior Parkrun

We tried to take the boys to junior parkrun at Tilgate. They are like running about, I’ve often thought that Rufus must have the “always run” setting that you get in FPSs on. They ran from the car to the start line (despite our efforts to slow them down). As we got closer to the start, Miles got more anxious, perhaps the crowds, perhaps the perceived pressure of expectation. By the time the race started, he wouldn’t run at all. Rufus did about 50m with Holly, then he gave up too.  We headed to the playground (they ran there of course) then came home via brunch at Harvester.

I’m pretty sure that Miles isn’t deliberately being a pain in the arse. He really does get distressed. It happens quite often that he winds himself up about something insignificant.

School stories

Today’s story was

In planning time today I drew a picture on the computer using a real pen which was connected to the computer with a wire. I drew George and I drew his floppy ears but before I could draw his legs, Miss Blackie shook the tambourine so it was someone else’s turn.

We also got to see his collection of special things. Miles is enjoying having pockets to collect things in. Today we have a broken axle from a toy car, a small screw and some snapped sticks.