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First day of school

Possibly the best quote ever from Miles as he was getting himself dressed for school (which he did unaided) “I can’t get my socks on, my toes are wriggling with excitement”.


Things from the first two days:

  • On picking him up from his first day Miles wanted to show us his artwork (colour mixing). As we went in to his classroom we met Miss Blackie (his teacher) who told us that he had been really good at listening.
  • Miles on the other hand told us that he had been too far away in the big playground when the bell went at the end of play time so hadn’t heard and Miss Blackie thought he’d got lost.
  • He also told us that he and Noah did fighting but they were hiding behind lots of other children so a teacher couldn’t see.
  • Noah is currently best friend, we’ve heard a lot about them playing together.
  • They get a free school lunch and their teacher eats with them which is a nice idea (possibly not if you’re the teacher).
  • At bedtime Miles told Holly “School is nothing like Nuffy Bears [nursery], it’s brilliant!”

Summer holidays

Holly has just launched her Slimming World group and holidaying from home is more relaxing anyway so we’ve been holidaying from home this summer.20160808_080506

This was our activities for the first week.  The Friday was the Gruffalo stage show at the Lyric theatre.  For stuff like that I like to give it a build up, so we watched the trailer (actually we watched it several times a day at the boys’ insistance) and I made this little count down thing to put on the fridge.  I thought it might also help with ideas of time (Rufus always refers to things in the past as ‘yesterday’, whether it was this morning or weeks ago).  Each day we ticked off the box at the bottom and drew a little picture of what we’d been up to.

Monday, as you can see, we took the boat out.  Just rowing on Tilgate lake, it’s best not to try sailing with just me and both boys, way too much to juggle.  Rufus fell in to the water, he followed me down the slipway as I was launching and had a little paddle.  Then he stepped off the side and went from ankle deep water to out of his depth.  Fortunately he was wearing his lifejacket (we always put them on as soon as we get out of the car) and it worked really well, he didn’t even get his hair wet.  We hung around Tilgate for the rest of the day, having a good play on the climbing frames then dinner in smith and weston.

Tuesday you can’t see on the activity chart, Miles had wiped it off at the end of the week before I got another picture.  All four of us went out to a little local stream through a medow for a picnic.  A really bucolic day in the a park that is right behind tesco and beside the railway line so I wasn’t expecting to be so nice.  Also drawn on the chart for Tuesday were worms because we had gone to the pet shop to pick up live worms for the turtles.


Wednesday was a lazy day watching star wars but we went out in the afternoon to Crawley Down and ate in Dal Nonno’s.  A lovely little Italian place which we had all to ourselves (as you tend to when you eat at 1730)

Thursday we went for a cycle out along Worth Way and picked blackberries.  Rufus in the seat on the back of Holly’s bike and Miles trying out a system where a bar attached to my seat post holds his front wheel off the ground to let me tow him.  Initially that didn’t work so well because I had also taken off his stabilisers and his bike kept sliding over to the side but once they were back on it was much better.  The good thing about the system is that once we were off the road, he could be detached and cycle off by himself.  We got a good haul of blackberries and made an amazing blackberry and apple crumble.

Bashley Park



Three rules of dinner

  1. Sit in your seat
  2. Try everything
  3. Don’t make a mess

On Friday, I set up these as the rules of dinner.  Miles liked the idea and is pretty good at following them.  He makes up new rules too and most of them are sensible ones but I’m trying to keep it to those three because that’s all we really want and it’s simple so they are more likely to be followed.

We also have the three rules of bathtime which are

      1. No splashing water out of the bath

the three rules of bedtime which Miles made up and are

  1. Daddy has to read 2 stories
  2. Put your pajamas on
  3. Stay in bed

and the rules of morning, which aren’t as catchy

  1. You can come and sleep in mummy and daddy’s bed any time
  2. You can play in your bedroom if it’s light
  3. You can only play in mummy and daddy’s room if the sun is up (on the gro clock, 0630 weekdays, 0700 weekends)

Even those ones are being followed so far.  Of course it’s fun and new at the moment, the trick is going to be sustaining them but I’m pretty hopeful.