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Bashley Park




We bought some turtles.  That wasn’t the plan.  The plan was that the boys were going to have some fish for Christmas but they (and ok, admittedly I) were very excited when we went in to the fish shop and saw turtles being kept in a tank not dissimilar to ours.  So now we have these little critters, stinkpot turtles.  They are more characterful than fish I think, especially when they are being fed and not really any more trouble.  The water doesn’t even really need heating (there is a heater in there but it’s just to make sure that the water temperature stays stable rather than particularly high.

The stinkpot name comes from their ability to release a pungent chemical to deter predators, the tank doesn’t smell and they haven’t done it even when I picked them up to clean the tank.

A Scottish wedding

As with any wedding there are loads of pictures of Ash and Pip’s day, in this case there were some particularly good ones with a rural Scottish mansion,  a nice clear day and a beautiful bride but I don’t have very many.   All I’ve got is this one from Rufus crashed out at 16:20 which is way past nap time.


I was theoretically an usher but I didn’t do very much ushering fortunately I got the key bits done though.  Miles was in his kilt ready to deliver the rings at the right point in the ceremony and Rufus was removed when he started crying.

That’s not much to write about a wedding.  There was a lot more: a new side of the family to meet; an awesome country house with a pool, outdoor hot tubs, a bridge and a treehouse; caber tossing; the pallet situation; flying from Heathrow (despite living 5 miles from Gatwick); interesting times with hired child car seats, thoughts on what makes a good wedding; and more.  But there’s only so much you can fit in a post.