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Bath time2

We’re pretty slick at bathtimes now, run bath, lay out towel in the bathroom (with my towel folded underneath it to make the bathroom floor softer), lay out sleep suit and nappy in Miles’s room (for a fast change), put shampo next to the tap with cotton wool and sponge next to the bath.  Only once all that is done undress Miles.  All this is important because Miles really doesn’t like coming out of the bath so we want to minimise the time between leaving the bath and being dressed for bed and having his evening feed because upsetting him at this point defeats the purpose of the bath as a pre-bed routine.  We could make it even slicker by washing his hair in the bath but he had a bit of cradle cap at one point so we switched to washing his hair in fresh water under the sink.
It sounds like a military operation but it’s also fun.  He calms down as he’s put in the water which is great to watch.  He doesn’t splash about yet other than the occasional kick but we’re looking forward to when he does and have lots of bath toys ready.