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On Miles’ bike you pedal back for the rear brake. He’s pretty fast on the bike (though luckily for the moment I can still run faster, even pushing Rufus) the combination means he can make impressive skid marks like this one that he is justifiably proud of.

Riding a bike

Classic Dad stuff this, teaching Miles to ride his bike.  He has ridden it around on the driveway a bit before and but found it a bit too hard (and to be honest was a bit too lazy) to pedal very far.  He’s had a little growth spurt recently though and combined with a bit more pressure in the tyres and a bit more confidence he rode all the way to the park and back this morning and to the shops and back this afternoon.

It’s downhill all the way to the park so the key thing was him learning to use (and be confident in) his brakes.  That means of course that it’s uphill all the way back.  I was pushing Rufus in the pushchair so I couldn’t push Miles on the bike, fortunately it has a bit of rope on the handlebars so I attached that to my belt and gave him some power assistance up the hills.  To his credit he did carry on pedalling despite the tow and even tried to overtake me a few times.

The thing I was happiest with was that despite the fact that it was reasonably hard work (for a 3 year old), he fell off a couple of times and it required more than 5 minutes concentration, he stayed positive and stuck with it all the way there and back