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Although Miles took until 20 months to be worried about possessions Rufus has very very strong opinions already. Obviously that’s because of all the battles with his brother. Rufus has that pesky younger brother habit of wandering over, nabbing a toy from Miles then screaming when it gets snatched back. We do lots of “let’s go and find a different toy for Rufus” with Miles.


We had a proper tantrum yesterday. I wouldn’t let Miles play in the garden for 5 minutes after he pushed Rufus over because he was in the way of Miles’ climb to the top of the play house. Then I had 10 minutes of classic toddler stuff.

On the other hand, Miles sang baa baa black sheep to Rufus in the car because he was crying earlier this week. Just now he suggested that we get the Bumbo out so that he could feed Rufus some snacks.