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New Nursery

After 4 short settling in sessions, Miles and Rufus did their first full session at Nuffy Bear today 0800-1300 including breakfast and lunch.  Currently they only have one session a week, Fridays because that’s all that was available with us arriving here mid-term.  They should have enough sessions to give Miles his free 15 hours in September.  He’ll probably do 20 hours though because paying for the extra hours means that we get food and, very excitingly, a swim session included.  It’s part of a Nuffield gym so the pool is on the same site.


It’s only about a 2 mile walk away so quite convenient, especially with both of them going to the same place.

Changing pre-school

Miles gets a substantial folder from Bright Stars to take with him to the new nursery.  It’s full of weekly observation sheets which check his activities off against the Early Years curriculum, usually have a picture and say things like:

“This is my builders hat” said Miles.  “I’m gonna do building”.  Miles went over to the paint easel with his drill and pretended to fix it.

☑ Playing & exploring
☑ Active learning
☑ Understanding
☑ Speaking
☑ People and communities
☑ The World
☑ Being imaginative


There is so much fantastic stuff in there but the most recent addition is the report he gets for leaving this pre-school.

20150522-Miles Pre-school report.pdf

The “Child’s voice” section probably only makes sense with context so I’ll write that down while I still have it.  I’m glad that he said he’s looking forward to the new house and the bunk beds.  We’ve been pushing them as something exciting and showing him pictures.  The ladder obviously relates to the bunk beds but also to the fact that I let him climb up the ladder in to the loft with me while I was emptying it for the move.  This was the MOST EXCITING THING EVER and after I explained that we couldn’t tread on the insulation or we’d fall through the ceiling, he didn’t.  The soft round owl is a toy that Nanny bought him, I don’t know if they also have similar at nursery.  He does occasionally tell us that owls are his favourite animal.