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Father’s day – in the trees

For Father’s day Miles and I took to the trees at a Go Ape in Tilgate Park.  Great fun, he was the youngest there by some margin (the height limit is 1m which he is just over) but he was the bravest, walking across quite a few of the sections without holding my hand.  The most amazing bit to me was the zipwire.  The instructor said step off the platform so he stepped off, quite a few adults were at least having a bit of hesitation.  £18 each so we won’t be doing it all the time but as a one off for a little monkey it was fantastic.

Finished off by a nice lunch at the Smith and Western restaurant.  It was the sort of place where the waiter, dressed in the obvious theme, sits down at the table with you and says “right guys, what are we having?” as if he’s a hooters waitress.  That can grate horribly coming from an English waiter but ours pulled it off tolerably.  Plus they gave me a miniature JD for being a dad.


But wait! Not finished because there is a wildlife park in Tilgate Park too so we went to look at some pigs (also meerkats).



As an extra special fathers’ day treat, Miles fell asleep at about 1630 on the way home and stayed asleep.  Hardly surprising after all that adrenaline.