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First day of school

Possibly the best quote ever from Miles as he was getting himself dressed for school (which he did unaided) “I can’t get my socks on, my toes are wriggling with excitement”.


Things from the first two days:

  • On picking him up from his first day Miles wanted to show us his artwork (colour mixing). As we went in to his classroom we met Miss Blackie (his teacher) who told us that he had been really good at listening.
  • Miles on the other hand told us that he had been too far away in the big playground when the bell went at the end of play time so hadn’t heard and Miss Blackie thought he’d got lost.
  • He also told us that he and Noah did fighting but they were hiding behind lots of other children so a teacher couldn’t see.
  • Noah is currently best friend, we’ve heard a lot about them playing together.
  • They get a free school lunch and their teacher eats with them which is a nice idea (possibly not if you’re the teacher).
  • At bedtime Miles told Holly “School is nothing like Nuffy Bears [nursery], it’s brilliant!”

First day at nursery

Nursery Gate

Today was Rufus’s first day at Nursery.  He’s been thrown in at the deep end a bit with a full 0915 to 1315 day including lunch but as you can see from his first day report he was happy about that.  He has started just as Miles moved up to Pre-school which I think is a good thing, it gives Miles a chance to be around older children which helps set his expectations on things like using the toilet and being independent a bit higher.  They do meet up for lunch though and apparently Miles was very proud to see his little brother at Nursery for lunch, awww.

20150111-First day at nursery report

Even a nursery needs a prospectus these days and here is ours.  Maybe a bit excessive considering that Rufus just likes to play, ideally by climbing on things or posting small objects in to hard to reach places.  I suppose it’s reassuring though that they are thinking about what might be stimulating for him.

20150112-Bright start Prospectus