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Three rules of dinner

  1. Sit in your seat
  2. Try everything
  3. Don’t make a mess

On Friday, I set up these as the rules of dinner.  Miles liked the idea and is pretty good at following them.  He makes up new rules too and most of them are sensible ones but I’m trying to keep it to those three because that’s all we really want and it’s simple so they are more likely to be followed.

We also have the three rules of bathtime which are

      1. No splashing water out of the bath

the three rules of bedtime which Miles made up and are

  1. Daddy has to read 2 stories
  2. Put your pajamas on
  3. Stay in bed

and the rules of morning, which aren’t as catchy

  1. You can come and sleep in mummy and daddy’s bed any time
  2. You can play in your bedroom if it’s light
  3. You can only play in mummy and daddy’s room if the sun is up (on the gro clock, 0630 weekdays, 0700 weekends)

Even those ones are being followed so far.  Of course it’s fun and new at the moment, the trick is going to be sustaining them but I’m pretty hopeful.


Rufus got conjunctivitis. His eyes even got completely stuck together at some points. He walked in to our room witho only half a working eye one morning and said, very plaintively “I can’t see sensibly”. I think that comes from us saying “sit sensibly” at dinner so he assumed sensibly and properly were the same thing.


My Rabbit


Miles never had a soft toy he was particularly attached to. We were assumed that there would be a grotty blanket or something which it would be the end of the world if we ever left somewhere. That never happened.

Rufus does love rabbit though. It’s still not a disaster if we don’t take him on holiday or something but he will ask for him if he’s not there at bedtime, fall asleep cuddling him, and as here brings him along if he toddles in to our room in the night.

My mummy said

Rufus has started to say “But my daddy said I could have a yogurt” to Holly and “My mummy said I can have Miles’ light sabre” to me. This morning we were both there so we got “A grown up said I don’t have to get dressed”. Very entertaining.

Also note “My Mummy” and “My Daddy” not sure why, Miles doesn’t do it, but cute.