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Late night wandering

Really quick post because I very nearly missed this (who pays attention to second children?). When he woke up in the night, Rufus used to cry until we went to see him and did the same when waking from his nap. Now he just toddles to our bedroom and jumps in. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing but it is definitely a development.

Twin room

The boys have been sharing a room for a few nights now. We’ve had no problems with them waking each other up and it makes it a bit easier to put them both to bed at once. It also means I’m less inclined to take the easy option of immediately bringing Rufus in to our room when he wakes up in the night.

Moving out

We’ve moved Rufus’ cot out in to the spare room so that we’re finally sleeping undisturbed in our room.  Well that’s the theory anyway.  Quite often (>85%) by the end of the night one of us has gone to settle Rufus and ended up sleeping in the spare bed with him and Miles has snuck in to our bed.  That’s more conducive to sleep than all four of us ending up in the same bed though.  Toddlers are very inconsiderate sleepers and big fans of starfish position plus the boys wake each other up.

Dropping the nap

Miles had been having a post lunch nap of an hour or so. For the last few days he hasn’t, which has made bedtime so much easier. We knew we should have done this earlier but Miles napping really helps with getting things done during the day.

Retreat from the nursery III

Well pride comes before a fall. This week, not so great for a number of reasons

  • The clocks went forward on Sunday so we were going to bed in daylight. I thought this would mess up bedtime but actually it didn’t. I haven’t had any complaints that it’s still light and on Sunday he went to sleep quickly (possibly because we had had a busy day).
  • He has had a bit of a cold/flu. Nothing major but a temperature of 38°C, a cough and a runny nose. Give him calpol, vicks and cough syrup at bedtime and he’s happy but I don’t like doing that for more than a few days. Plus, we’ve run out.
  • He has started toilet training which gives him a cast iron excuse to get out of bed.
  • StairgateHe has figured out how to undo the stairgate.  This is amazing, it’s reasonably complicated, you have to press both of those blue bits in as you lift the handle.  Fortunately, he can’t do it while sleepy so it’s still worth having there to delay him.

We’ll get there though.