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The nursery the boys go to is at a health centre and because we pay for an extra session above the government provided 15 hours Miles gets a swimming lesson each Thursday. Today he came home with this certificate and badge.


As far as I can tell from the ASA website it’s for swimming 5m with any float. So nothing really new but everyone likes a certificate and badge.


Another bucolic trip from Wild Swimming.  I hadn’t read his instructions properly so went downstream from the parking spot rather than upstream.  As you can see we had a paddling opportunity anyway and most excitingly we found some sheep’s wool stuck to a barbed wire fence during our little walk.  Rufus was obviously slightly overwhelmed by it all because he sat still for what the timestamps on my photos tell me was at least 3 minutes 9 seconds.  That may be the longest he has gone without moving since learning to walk.

IMG_20150307_135240 IMG_20150307_135537

We bought some lunch from the little shop in Sheepwash, this seemed to surprise the shopkeeper who was quite apologetic that they weren’t really set up for that sort of thing.  She was very happy to have the boys wandering around the shop because she obviously didn’t get much custom and the boys are the same age as her grandchildren.  So I bought their entire supply of pastries (two), crisps,  ham and cheese.  We made do without bread.  I tried to buy a pack of grapes too but she warned me that they were very expensive so we broke it open and she sold me about a third of it.  An odd way to run a shop but a lovely lady and so nice to see a west country shop that is aimed squarely at the locals not the tourists.


Today we went swimming.  Miles’s first ever.
They do swimming pools very well in Germany, die Welle made Romsey rapids look like a paddling pool.  It had a main pool with big open slide, a wave pool, a children’s pool with lots of fountains, an hot outdoor pool, a flume, a small hot pool and an enormous jacuzzi.  For the summer there was also a lido outside and another flume.
I wish I could include a photo but the camera would have drowned so here is a picture of Miles’s swimming nappies which thankfully weren’t leak tested during the swim.
Swimming Nappy

We were a bit nervous about the swim. We could easily have found that we got there got changed, went in to the pool and that he cried immediately forcing us home. As it was he was very happy in the pool, despite the fact that we didn’t spot the children’s pool to start with and so took him in to the colder main pool. The only time he got a bit upset was when I put him underwater, and even then I think it was more surprise than anything else and he settled again straight away. He didn’t actually do anything that could be called swimming or even splashing, he just floated with us holding his head but I’m glad that he got the chance to get used to the pool, hopefully it will set him up to be a water baby later.

We didn’t get there until about 1300 so we ate after our first little swim while Miles slept in a little nest made from two chairs and our towels. The cafe had a clever system that let you pay with your RFID wristband (which also operated the lockers). Then we had a second swim and I had a go on the flume. It felt like quite a long session at the pool but it was nothing compared to some families who were basically treating it as a day at the beach and had come with picnics and books. That level of organisation also meant that all of the loungers were reserved, in traditional German fashion.

Miles was the youngest baby we saw there and easily the cutest. That’s not just parental boasting, he always turns heads and we hear a chorus of “Ahhh, isn’t he adorable” behind us wherever we go. They’re strangers and impartial so it must be true, it certainly makes us proud.

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