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My mummy said

Rufus has started to say “But my daddy said I could have a yogurt” to Holly and “My mummy said I can have Miles’ light sabre” to me. This morning we were both there so we got “A grown up said I don’t have to get dressed”. Very entertaining.

Also note “My Mummy” and “My Daddy” not sure why, Miles doesn’t do it, but cute.


We obviously take a lot of pictures.  Rufus knows exactly what to do for a camera.

This is at Saunton sands, a barbecue lunch with Grandma.  Well, sausages cooked in a jetboil saucepan since for some odd reason barbecue stuff was hard to find in March.  That was just as well, gas is much more practical.

This is a fantastic bit of sand to run around on because it’s so flat which means we’re running around in the water while 200m from the sea proper.


On Tuesday evening I watched Rufus just before dinner. He said “bowl”, toddled over to his drawer and got out a bowl, carried it in to the dining room, put it on the tray of his high chair and stood there with his arms up saying bowl some more and looking at us. I think he’s really enjoying being able to communicate. He can also say “jus” for water. I think that’s a fairly standard parent trick to call water juice, leaving no way to ask for the real thing. Terrifying Orwellian doublespeak mind control when done to adults; considered harmless when done to children.

I hope I can get a video of his contextualised speech but the camera on my phone doesn’t work anymore which is one of the reasons why there haven’t been as many posts recently.

Row row Argh!

I was planning to get down a list of Rufus’s words but he can do better than speaking. Here is Miles teaching him to sing!

He can also say

  • Hiya (while holding a phone / tv remote to his ear)
  • Dada
  • Banana
  • Oh wow!
  • Up
  • Down (both when going up / down the stairs)
  • This / That (with pointing)
  • Row Row Argh!

And he recognises and responds to:

  • Goodbye / Goodnight (he waves in response, even if he just overhears it directed at someone else)
  • Kiss (he can blow kisses)
  • Cuddle