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Rufus’ first tooth has just about broken through.  His lower right incisor.  I tried to get a picture and Miles is helpfully pointing it out but you can’t really see anything.


— Update 23 May 14 —
Left lower incisor is now coming through too.

— 19 July 14 —

Upper left incisor came through this weekend, accompanied by a 2300 to 0000 and 0100 and 0415 awake-a-thon.
— 24 July —
.. and upper right

— 3 Sep —
Both upper lateral incisors are through now and have been for a week or so. They have been accompanied by a fair bit of teething rash, dribbling and red cheeks.

— 6 Dec —
Both first molars on his left


Guest Post – Teeth from a Mummy’s perspective.

Miles now has 10 teeth (so only 10 more to go) I think we have been quite lucky with teething considering the stories other people tell.  I have been feeding him ‘Magic Balls’ since he was 5mths and the first symptoms appeared – although the first tooth took another 3mths to erupt! So that means he has cut 10 teeth in 5mths, eeek (Maybe that is the reason we haven’t slept much)

The good – just the other day I watched him chew grapes with his nice new first molars; the bad – a week of being bitten during nursing (owch) and the ugly – the teething rash.

The teeth came through as:

10 June – Left lower central incisor

9th July – Right lower central incisor

August at some point (we stopped keeping track so carefully) – Both upper central incisors

September – Both upper lateral incisors

October – well deserved month off

13 November – Lower left first molar

?? November – Upper left first molar

First week of December – Lower left lateral incisor

Second week of December – Lower right lateral incisor

Updates: I’ll keep adding to this post as more teeth come through.

24 February 13 – Upper Left Canine. There is a specific date for this one because it has come through over a two-night awake-a-thon with much wailing and gnashing.

1 April – All the canines are here now. Their arrival has coincided with lots of grinding his teeth and biting, his fingers, us and anything else he can find. So I guess they must have been uncomfortable. Now we are complete except for the back molars so maybe we’ll get a break for a bit.

20 August 13 – Both lower first molars are coming through with the left leading.  He’s been doing lots of chewing his hand and dribbling in the day.  We think it must be causing disturbed sleep too but it’s hard to say because we’ve been on holiday so maybe it’s been all the strange beds.

Teething must really hurt, he fell in to a rose bush on holiday leaving him with an arm like a Manics fan and barely noticed but teething he makes a real fuss about.

1 March 14 – Finally!  The last baby tooth (upper right molar) has just peeked through the gum.  Coinciding again with a bit of a bitey phase.