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This is Flingi, an extremely ugly toy flamingo, Miles got him from Marwell zoo as a well done for a whole dry week.


That was 3 April and it’s 24 May today, we’ve only needed 2 more prizes.
So we’re getting there but it’s so painfully slow.

Toilet Training – Regression

It’s so frustrating, we were just congratulating ourselves at Miles managing a solo toilet trip on 8 July.  Now he doesn’t go at all.  Not just doesn’t quite make it in time but makes no attempt, and walks around in wet pants without showing any awareness at all.  It was getting so ridiculous with Holly getting through half a dozen sets of clothes a day and Nursery getting through another few sets so he’s been in pull-ups for the last week.

Ah well.  Everything is a phase.  We’ll have another go next week when I’m on summer leave.

Toilet training – Resolved

We’re there.  We’ve had a couple of weeks now of only the occasional accident and regularly have days where he finishes in the same pants he started in.

We’ve been using these.  They are lined with a very slightly absorbant cotton layer and have a waterproof layer too.  They would only stop the tiniest of accidents though.

big boy pants


Pee-pee sweets are firmly established which may cause problems at some point but for now it’s worthwhile.  I don’t give him any after he’s cleaned his teeth at bed time though and he’s happy enough with that.

Toilet training – Motivation

He can do it now. He understands when he needs to go and how to do it. We’ve done some 3 hour drives, including a tense 5 minutes between his announcement and the next layby, and I have now been That Guy stood on the verge trying to get a toddler to pee. The problem is just motivation. Nursery have commented that he might be wetting just for LOLz; I’m not sure that’s true I can see why they might think that.

Our first idea was a sticker chart.  That was ok, he quite liked the sticker chart but after a while it got boring.  You know what never gets boring? Sweets.

20140518-Tic tac bribes


It’s working really well for now.  It also makes it easier to get a routine for the whole process (pants back on, hands washed, hands dried, then a sweet).  Tic tacs are small and not many calories but it does mean small doses of sugar all day which is not good for teeth.  The hope is that we will only have to do it long enough to get the routine established, then maybe we can switch to a sweet at the end of each dry day.

The other issue is that if the toilet was disruptive to bedtime before, it’s now disastrous.  “Well done for getting out of bed just as you were about to go to sleep, have some sugar”.